Ressources de la CCMBC et du MB Seminary, octobre 2020

Diffusion de notre confession de foi

La CCMBC vous suggère de la publier à travers votre réseau d’Église notre confession de foi. Vous pouvez la trouver sur notre site Internet.

La conférence canadienne des Églises des frères mennonites offre plusieurs ressources en anglais :

Nouvelles nationales


Interprétation de la Bible (Conférence des Frères mennonites [EQUIP]) :

Santé spirituelle et mentale des pasteurs ou autres leaders

Rod Wilson

A Wellness Focus in 2020 (video)

The Inner Life of the Pastor—Presentation Notes

Bonita Eby

Ministry Burnout (video)

Burnout Conversations for Pastoral Teams

Burnout Assessment Tool

Burnout Prevention and Wellness Presentation Slides


Worshipping God Together During the Pandemic

MB Seminary

  1. The live, online conversation with MB Seminary on the topic of medical assistance in dying is scheduled for Tues, Nov 24 from 1:00-2:30 PT. It’s a free event that will feature 3 short presentations followed by panel discussion (registrants can submit questions). I just published the event info and registration today:
    • Our team doesn’t have the capacity to develop a pre-event resource, but I’ll plan to create a post-event resource that highlights the major points of the conversation and links to the recordings and upcoming course.
    • If desired, I can share our event image with you to use in your SM feeds and/or newsletters and website. But it’s likely just as easy for you to share based on our feed (I’ll be posting SM beginning on Oct 26)
    • As well, I can confirm that the graduate course on this topic has been moved to next semester (Jan-Feb). Here is the course info:
  2. As We Wait, our Advent Devotions resource will be a free daily email available to all. I’m finalizing the Table of Contents and will update this page with that info when ready. But regardless, this sign-up link is active: